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Peter Kelly

Peter is the production runner at Chocolate Films, assisting with all elements of the production and learning projects, the 1000 Londoners project and helping out around the office as well as on location shoots. Peter has been heavily involved in helping with the launch and expanding his knowledge of the production process simultaneously.

Produced Videos of Londoners

Jennifer Lenhart - Londoner 375

#375 Jennifer is 8647 Views

#370 Robbie is 6124 Views

#355 George is 2609 Views

#348 Daniel is 3194 Views

#322 Keith is 2141 Views

#314 Rosemarie is 2608 Views

#298 Carol is 1509 Views

#260 Mike is 2027 Views

#228 Venetia is 1742 Views

#224 Damian is 2695 Views

#215 Sam is 3159 Views

#213 James is 2676 Views

#211 Averil is 5467 Views

#165 David is 2456 Views

#158 Fouad is 1511 Views

#146 Lee is 2005 Views

#127 Paolo is 2676 Views

#121 Madoc is 4088 Views

#90 Yllka is 3168 Views

#58 Martha is 1780 Views

#48 Ryan is 1789 Views

#38 Francis is 1885 Views

#32 Fiona is 3344 Views

# is 0 Views

Posts by Peter Kelly

Open City Documentary Festival 2015: A Preview

9th Jun, 2015

The annual Open City Documentary Festival returns to London on 16-21 June! This year’s festival includes a broad selection of […]

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Nine Elms Past and Present: Oral History Day

15th May, 2015

Chocolate Films is holding an Oral History Collection Day at BAC to discover the hidden stories of family life in […]

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1000 Londoners wins its first International Award!

8th Jan, 2015

We are incredibly excited to announce that 1000 Londoners has won its first International Award! A huge thank you to […]

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Who is London’s favourite fictional Londoner?

17th Nov, 2014

As 1000 Londoners reaches 50 profiles today we thought we’d have a look back and see who London regards as […]

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An unexpected friend

29th Aug, 2014

Leila Kiany is one of 1000 Londoners ambassadors, she is passionate about the documentary series and is keen to write […]

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Top Background Celebrities

11th Jul, 2014

It’s hard to walk around the streets of London without brushing shoulders with a celebrity or two. With that in […]

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