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Ross Dickson

Originally from just outside Glasgow, Ross moved to London in 2013. At Chocolate Films, he has relished the opportunity 1000 Londoners has given him to develop as a filmmaker. He particularly enjoys travelling around the city to new and interesting places, meeting different Londoners for the project. Ross has already learned a great deal about the city, and is definitely on the path to becoming a Londoner himself!

Produced Videos of Londoners

#347 Nino is 428 Views

#305 Jorge is 514 Views

#233 Rachelle is 1035 Views

#225 Clive is 1743 Views

#207 Emma is 1534 Views

#185 Mark is 1304 Views

#181 Wills is 1433 Views

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#132 Jennifer is 2016 Views

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#120 Sangeeta is 2350 Views

#77 Tim is 3848 Views

#65 Bessie is 3511 Views

#61 Neesha is 3323 Views

#59 Tim is 3862 Views

#32 Fiona is 2982 Views

#24 Neil is 3186 Views

#22 Ted is 3476 Views

#20 Jim is 3853 Views

#6 Sarah is 4678 Views

Posts by Ross Dickson

Design in London: A Filmmaking Challenge

13th May, 2014

If you know a Londoner who you think would be an interesting subject for a short film with the theme […]

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A Londoner’s guide to London’s top spots

2nd Jun, 2014

Londoners are well known for tutting at tourists, but sometimes it takes a visit from a friend to remind us how […]

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Nine Elms Past and Present 1000 Londoners Premiere at Outdoor screening

21st Sep, 2015

Last Saturday Chocolate Films hosted a very special pop up outdoor screening for 1000 Londoners Nine Elms Past and Present. […]

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