Originally from Germany, Achim has lived in Marylebone for the last 23 years and works as a neighbourhood planner. Deeply rooted in the peop…

By: 2nd Nov 21

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Kenny Lynch 1000 Londoners

Remembering Kenny Lynch

One of the first films we ever made at Chocolate Films was a short drama, Heyday. Produced with funding from the Film Council’s Digital Sh…

By: 18th Dec 19

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Sincerely Media Santa Bike Run

50 Incredible and Unusual Facts about London

The end of any year always makes us nostalgic, but this one also marks the end of a decade (can you believe it?)! It's made us think back on…

By: 3rd Dec 19

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Buckingham Palace and Union Jack flags

Time for London to have a new flag?

Most cities in the world have a flag, but for some reason, London seems to be missing one.  The only one that comes close to officially …

By: 21st Aug 19

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The youngest Londoners have arrived!

Last month, our filmmaker, Ruth Gardiner, had the pleasure of filming 1000 Londoners’ officially youngest subjects! Twin brothers Arthur a…

By: 2nd May 19

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Brexit or no Brexit? We celebrated European Londoners

Over 600 people joined us for the ‘Goodbye Europe’ Movie Nights at fantastic venues across London. In the days that the UK was supposed …

By: 4th Apr 19

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Goodbye Europe, hello Londoners!

We’ve had the first two screenings of our brand new series of Movie Nights ‘Goodbye Europe’, an anthology of new short films featuring…

Goodbye Europe on the BBC Radio London

"We are not gonna talk about Brexit, honest" is how Robert Elms introduced us today on his show. Mark Currie, 1000 Londoners Creative Di…

By: 13th Mar 19

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The 15th 1000 Londoners Movie Night: Goodbye Europe

In the days that the UK leaves the EU, ​we invite the people of London to join ‘Goodbye Europe’ - a unique film screening created spec…

By: 11th Feb 19

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