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Rachel Wang

Rachel is one of the Creative Directors of 1000 Londoners and one of the co-founders of Chocolate Films. Credits include her debut feature documentary 'Afro Saxons' and award winning short drama 'Heyday'. Rachel produces all the film content at Chocolate Films as continues to direct and film short documentaries. Check out Rachel's work Twitter: @RachelALWang

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#311 Kenny is 493 Views

#225 Clive is 1508 Views

#201 Tracy is 1648 Views

#197 Jocelyn is 1723 Views

#117 Margaret is 2297 Views

#92 Christina is 3392 Views

#86 Rita is 2955 Views

#66 Dennis is 3370 Views

#62 John is 6168 Views

#34 Chris is 2833 Views

#11 Yvonne is 5863 Views

#8 Frank is 7412 Views

Posts by Rachel Wang

Flowers for Valentines

10th Feb, 2015

Its A Wrap: I found a really great character in Dennis, what a guy! He is definitely a good salesman, […]

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Photographer, Clive Boursnell captured some making of ‘Dennis’ shots, for our 14th Feb Valentines special

12th Feb, 2015

Thanks for the great pics Clive!  

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