1000 Londoners

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Daniel Onyia

Daniel Onyia has been part of the Chocolate Films team since 2012. He's been a Runner on various music videos and feature films and he makes his own music videos and short films. Born and raised in London, Daniel has always been keen to learn more about the city and is excited about 1000 Londoners. One of Daniel's earliest memories was being told that the Michael Faraday Memorial monument in Elephant and Castle was a tank full of water.

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Posts by Daniel Onyia

What makes Van Gogh Walk Unique?

15th May, 2014

As new residents of Stockwell we at Chocolate Films thought what better way to get acquainted with the area than to meet the neighbours, and that’s how we came across Rose. A resident of Stockwell for more than two decades, she’s seen this place grow into a vibrant area with a unique cultural history and […]

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1000 Londoners is a year old!

23rd Apr, 2015

Today is a cause for celebration as 1000 Londoners is now a year old – and what a year it has been. Brought into the world this time last year via an amazing launch at Bafta’s 195 Piccadilly Venue, 1000 Londoners has seen all types of spaces in its short lifespan so far. From the […]

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