An unexpected friend

Leila Kiany is one of 1000 Londoners ambassadors, she is passionate about the documentary series and is keen to write a blog on a regular basis. She works in the city in finance and so she has her own individual take on our city.   Being a Londoner born and bred, I love the city. So when I had to leave and move outside due to growing my own little family, I knew it was necessary and vital, but I still work in London fortunately. Also being a mini spa-oholic and being so busy with being a mum and work I believed it was time to go back for a relaxing pedicure (even my husband pointed out to me subtly “you’ve got dry skin!”). So walking into the salon I knew I was heading for a lovely treat. What I didn’t expect is what happened next. This lady with striking blonde hair was in the chair next to me, having the same treatment. Now some people say that Londoners are the least friendly people on earth. Ok…maybe at rush hour things can get nasty. But I still had faith in Londoners when others had lost hope. I overheard her saying to her beautician about her life and I had to interject as her life was almost a copy of mine! We had been married the same amount of time, had a child about the same age and even her sons name was Persian based which is were my family is from. We ended up talking about our lives, how in our clubbing days I was more of a beach clubber where she was more city clubber, how we balance work/life and even the birth process!? In half an hour I felt like I’d known her for years. And then came the sticking point….do I ask for her details or is that too weird? I erred on the side of caution and said goodbye and left. Ironically she caught up with me on the street and asked if I wanted to walk with her to the tube. Again we chatted and when we had to go onto different lines of the underground, she gave me a massive hug which I really didn’t expect. We both agreed we were sure we’d both bump into each other again one day. Some Londoners are lovely.

Posted by:   /  29th Aug, 2014