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Mark Currie

Mark is one of the creative directors of 1000 Londoners and one of the co-founders of Chocolate Films. Twitter @markscurrie

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#354 Ansis is 1657 Views

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#338 Boyko is 1170 Views

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#197 Jocelyn is 2410 Views

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#117 Margaret is 1718 Views

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#94 Leni is 1883 Views

#92 Christina is 1608 Views

#86 Rita is 1320 Views

#76 Ben is 1599 Views

#62 John is 3134 Views

#54 Peter is 1880 Views

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#32 Fiona is 2334 Views

#29 Glen is 1219 Views

#27 Hyacinth is 1226 Views

#25 Victoria is 1936 Views

#23 Sophie is 1536 Views

#22 Ted is 1196 Views

Posts by Mark Currie

50 Incredible and Unusual Facts about London

3rd Dec, 2019

The end of any year always makes us nostalgic, but this one also marks the end of a decade (can […]

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15th May, 2017

On the 22nd of May at Hackney Attic , 1000 Londoners invites you to a filmic dinner! with a collection […]

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Looking After London Premiere – 1000 Londoners New Season!

23rd Sep, 2016

For the past two months I’ve been producing a season for 1000 Londoners called ‘Looking after London’. This season was […]

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1000 Londoners Movie Nights presents: Postcard From London

28th Jun, 2016

BOOK NOW: The Lexi Cinema 7PM Mon 18th July The Hackney Picturehouse 7PM Mon 25th July Have you ever wondered […]

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1000 Londoners Movie Nights presents HIGH LIFE

28th Apr, 2016

BOOK NOW at The Hackney Picturehouse and The Lexi Cinema 7PM Monday 16th May Who are the people who experience London on high? In […]

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“Fantastic, informative, emotional” – 1000 Londoners: Movie Nights

23rd Dec, 2015

This Autumn Chocolate Films embarked on possibly the most exciting phase of the 1000 Londoner’s project so far. In November 2015, […]

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1000 Londoners Movie Nights: Easy Riders

10th Nov, 2015

Meet the Londoners on two wheels! Join the Critical Mass protest, explore the derelict estate that’s a BMX playground, meet London’s […]

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The Best Alternate Maps of London

3rd Aug, 2015

We recently released a 1000 Londoner documentary about Max, a psychology professor who has a sideline in creating some amazing, […]

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Screening of The Optimists of Nine Elms

14th May, 2015

Last Friday we held a rare screening of  ‘The Optimists of Nine Elms’, a beautiful and largely forgotten film which encapsulates family […]

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