1000 Londoners is a year old!

Today is a cause for celebration as 1000 Londoners is now a year old – and what a year it has been. Brought into the world this time last year via an amazing launch at Bafta’s 195 Piccadilly Venue, 1000 Londoners has seen all types of spaces in its short lifespan so far. From the depths of London’s Victorian sewers to a birds-eye view of the city’s landscape from a helicopter; meeting the early morning punters at Covent Garden’s flower markets and seeing people shake a leg at a Jungle rave in east London. 1000 Londoners has also been behind the scenes at Wimbledon, listened to carol singers at London’s oldest Church, met a broadway actress, a football cheerleader from Crystal Palace, a former London Mayor and the man who keeps London’s oldest brewery alive.
All of that it’s only nearly 10% away from the eponymous target – keep your eyes peeled for when we do reach 100.
As you’ll know, all the films are three minutes long, which means loads of interesting footage is left on the cutting room floor. So, to celebrate our first birthday, we thought we’d share some clips that we had to leave out!


When Marawa nearly went up in Flames

Marawa the Amazing was the first Londoner to appear in the series. During her film she mentions how much she hates fire hoops – but why? Here, she explains how she almost turned into a human fireball on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’



















Dennis and the psychedelic rainbow flowers

Londoner #66 Dennis Edwards has sold all types of flowers in his 48 year career at Covent Garden’s Flower Market, but amongst the roses and lilies, are the rainbow flowers, which are as colourful as they sound. Dennis shares his ideas on how they are possibly made?




How John Hatch makes money from a brewery that can’t sell beer

Londoner #62 John Hatch mentions in his film that he can’t sell the beer he produces, but here’s a little secret. For the last seven years his brewery has thrived on donations from film crews who’ve been using the derelict Youngs Brewery site as a location for crime TV shows. Misfits Ale anyone? How about Autopsy Ale?



The one where Paul kissed supermodel Claudia Schiffer

Cab driver and Londoner #15, Paul Simons, has many stories about the different people he’s picked up. But nothing beats the time he picked up Claudia Schiffer and managed to get a sneaky kiss off her. Here’s how he did it.




Dj Uncle Dugs and his number one Spanish fan

London #74 Uncle Dugs in this video is about to do a gig in Shoreditch, but when someone shouts his name out during his interview, we realise it’s not just a drunk passer-by.



Isabelle gets a warm London welcome

Londoner #46 was born in France and seemed to get on with life as well as someone with a disability could. But when she decided to move to London in her early 20s, she never expected what she experienced when she got here.




Andy’s former life in suits, ties and offices

As Londoner #3 Andy’s film was one of 10 that we launched with at Bafta last year. In this film, Andy speaks about his short life in the city after he graduated and how much he doesn’t miss it.

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