Hanna: Making a film about my friend

Hanna: Making a film about my friend

When we were asked to think about any Londoners we would like to interview for this project, Nick gave us the advice to first think about ou…

1000 Londoners Young Ambassadors

Chocolate Films are looking for young people to join our new 1000 Londoners Young Ambassadors scheme. If you are a young filmmaker and wou…

1000 Londoners Showing Across the City!

Things are starting to get incredibly exciting for the 1000 Londoners project. Well, things have been exciting since we launched in April bu…

By: 29th Aug 14

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An unexpected friend

Leila Kiany is one of 1000 Londoners ambassadors, she is passionate about the documentary series and is keen to write a blog on a regular ba…

By: 29th Aug 14

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The SAS come to Peckham

  We're always looking for famous faces for 1000 Londoners. In this case we'd have to keep looking! Here we are during filming of A…

By: 15th Aug 14

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The value of a community projects by sophie broadbent

We asked our most recent Londoner, Sophie, to write a blog about the experience of running a community project and how it bonds the communi…

Top Background Celebrities

It’s hard to walk around the streets of London without brushing shoulders with a celebrity or two. With that in mind, it seems inevitable …

By: 11th Jul 14

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Photographing the characters of London

This post was written by guest contributor, London street photographer, Nicola Albon. She takes us on a guided tour of the best places in Lo…

By: 24th Jun 14

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Explore London’s Secret Locations

In a global city like London it can be hard to find a space where you can feel any kind of ownership. Everywhere seems to be spoken for. Par…

By: 20th Jun 14

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