The SAS come to Peckham


mcNab_Fotor_FotorWe’re always looking for famous faces for 1000 Londoners. In this case we’d have to keep looking! Here we are during filming of Andy’s film. This ex-SAS man can’t show his face but millions have read his words on the page.

The particularities of making a portrait of someone without being allowed to show their face were kind of a challenge, but we made it work. And I think we made this shopkeeper’s day by bringing their favourite writer in.

By chance we found a badge in a drawer at the location that said “Who Dares Wins”, the motto of the army’s crack team the Special Air Service, and I’m pretty sure this was the credo of one of Peckham’s other notorious sons, Del Boy…



Posted by:   /  15th Aug, 2014