Top London Views according to our Londoners

One of the 20 questions which we ask all of our Londoners during filming is what is their favourite view of London? We’ve gone through and collated some of the most popular answers below. Let us know in the comments section what your favourite views are as well!

1) The view from The London Eye

London Eye Guardian

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Yes, it might just be a giant Ferris wheel but the views are undeniably incredible. It’s testament to it’s popularity as well that despite the intention to pull it down after 5 years, it’s still spinning 14 years later.


 2) The view from the top of The Shard

The Shard (Telegraph)

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Love or hate the design one thing can’t be denied – it’s really really high and all glass. That means only one thing; you can see everything across the city. All whilst enjoying a (very expensive) meal from the restaurant at the top.


3) The view from Westminster Bridge


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Want to feel like you’ve really SEEN London? You could do worse than a walk across Westminster Bridge; Houses of Parliament on one side, the London Eye on the other and the Thames down the middle. Perfect


4) The view from the Paramount Bar in the Centre Point building


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Feel like a king as you look down on the ants (read: Oxford Street shoppers) below, all whilst sipping on a cocktail. Not too shabby.


5) The view from Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill (small)

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Similar to the stunning views from Primrose Hill (surprisingly not mentioned by our Londoners), Parliament Hill is a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon, surveying the cityscape around you. With more and more skyscrapers going up all the time in central London as well some may say that the view is becoming even more impressive.


 6) The view from Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge

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Another bridge across the Thames, another great view. With all of the great night life, bars and restaurants on the Southbank as well this is possibly one of the most romantic spots in the city. Or you could just sing Waterloo Sunset to passersby, whatever takes your fancy really.


7) The view from London Bridge

London Bridge small

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The thing with the view from Tower Bridge is that, well, you can’t actually see Tower Bridge from it. That’s the benefit of London Bridge, where you get all of the same wonderful London architecture both new and old, without missing a bit because you’re standing on it!


8) The view from Greenwich Observatory

Greenwich Observatory 

One of the lesser spoken about vantage points but one of our favourites. After a short climb up to the observatory you’re treated to a breathtaking view of the city and the perfect place to watch the sunset. From the skyscrapers in front to the historical Naval College straight ahead it encapsulates all that London is. Plus with Greenwich becoming an increasingly popular Hollywood location you may even bump into Thor down there.


9) The view from Hungerford Bridge

Hungerford Bridge - London

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Yet another choice involving the river and a bridge (are you sensing a pattern yet?). Hungerford Bridge provides similar views to some of the other bridges above. What it also provides though is the enjoyable Skateboard graveyard on the bottom of one of the bridge’s pillars. Have a look next time you go and shed a tear for all those kickflips that didn’t quite come off right.

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