Londoner Frank #8 on his film

Frank joined us last week for a week of work experience, and we asked him to tell us about his experience of being one of out Londoners! Here’s what he said:

After I did the short film called Frank, in the ongoing project 1000 londoners for Chocolate films I was asked to do a lot of magic at weddings and parties. I finished my GCSE’s at my secondary school and when I had to apply for colleges and sixth forms, I found a school called the Brit school which is renowned for music, dance and theater. I was researching the Theater course and I came across a list of all the famous people who came out of the school. The list didn’t end. There were so many famous people such as Jessie J,  Adele, Tom Holland and more. I knew was going to apply for it but it wasn’t my first choice.

After going to the open evening I knew straight away that I wanted to go there. It was incredible and it was definitely going to help me with the performing side of magic. I can honestly say there is no place like it. So when it came down to applying for the college I put down that a short documentary was made about me for a project called 1000 Londoners by Chocolate films. The fact that was on my CV got me my audition   everyone who got an audition had something on their CV such as being a extra, being in a TV advert. I had this and the whole video is about me. After I had my audition I was visiting my dad and my mum facetimed me telling me that I got in the School I was blown away. I am now currently studying Theatre there and I love it so much. The one thing I love more than theatre is magic and I will always have a huge passion for it is a part of who I am you could say. I will never stop performing magic I can say that there is no way I would be where I am today without it!

Watch Frank’s film here.

Posted by:   /  1st Mar, 2016