Fully female film for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we release a women-only produced film. Twelve girls and women with no previous experience in filmmaking, guided by two professional female filmmakers, created a three-minute documentary about BAFTA Award-winning producer-director and activist, Yvette Vanson on a Chocolate Films Workshop, produced by Rachel Wang and Sinéad Loftus..

“When I started I expected it to be working with cameras, but I didn’t expect making such an interesting documentary,” says new filmmaker Marla Kellard-Jones. “I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed working with other women, it being kind of a female environment, which you don’t often get in filmmaking.”

Watch the film here:

Over 5 days, the girls and women researched, shot and edited their very own short documentary, which is now part of the 1000 Londoners series. You can find the film and images on this website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy the film – and please share to #PressForProgress!

Posted by:   /  8th Mar, 2018