3 films about our mothers

Of the seventy films so far on 1000 Londoners, three have been made by Londoners about their mothers:

Yvonne was created by Rachel Wang, one of the directors of Chocolate Films and creative director of 1000 Londoners. She has lived in South London since moving to England in the 60s, and had a successful career as a couture fashion designer.

Rachel wrote:
“My Mum loves to look her best, she even wears silk when she’s cooking in the kitchen, so you can imagine what a palaver it was when we went over to Yvonne’s to make a film about her! she had a variety of costumes and accessories ready to change into. I must say I was really impressed with her cool, calm and collected nature, especially as she insisted on wearing high heels throughout the day. Yvonne was intrigued by the setting up of the camera and use of different lenses and lighting, so she finally understood the ins and outs of the work I do on set!”

Find out more about Yvonne here

This film was made by Alex Brodholt, after his mother, the amazing London-based artist and printmaker Gail Brodholt bribed him with a new pair of sunglasses.

Alex wrote of the experience:
“Its always interesting working with family members, especially since there’s no way you can convince your own mother that you know better and that she’s “doing it wrong”, but you do ultimately get the best out of them because you know them better than anyone else could. And who better to inspire you than the woman who raised you?”

Find out more about Gail here

Fleur was produced on a 1000 Londoners summer workshop with Lambeth Summer University. Tom Woodruffe attended the workshop and when everyone was coming up with ideas for an interesting Londoner, he blew everyone away with the amazing story of the way that his mother, Fleur Bothwick, was reconnected with her birth parents:

Find out more about Fleur here

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