The youngest Londoners have arrived!

Last month, our filmmaker, Ruth Gardiner, had the pleasure of filming 1000 Londoners’ officially youngest subjects! Twin brothers Arthur and Mylo Geraghty are just 5 months old and are identical. Though still identifiable separately in the films, Ruth has visited them since making the footage, and they are looking more and more alike – they have quite brilliant matching smiles!

The twins were filmed as the Irish contributors in our latest season ‘Goodbye Europe’ that screened in March 2019 – during the supposed run-up to Brexit – and featured one Londoner from each of the 28 EU countries.

Some of you may have already seen Arthur ‘s film in the cinemas. Today we want to also introduce you to Mylo, his brother:





“I wanted to film the babies for the 1000 Londoners project because I thought it was interesting to have subjects who are at the very beginning of their life journeys, and I look forward to watching them develop.

For the boys, I wanted to create something quite different, I wanted the films to be very simplistic, slow paced and gentle plus interviewing the boys would have been tricky…!

I decided instead to focus on their noises and expressions, the very early forms of communication.

The films help us study the boys in a more of a reflective way than we might usually do. It also seemed important to show both Arthur and Mylo together in each film as being one of a set of twins is intrinsically part of who they are and who they will become.

I really enjoyed spending time with them and seeing the beautiful bond they have not only with their parents but with one another”, filmmaker Ruth Gardiner explains.


Posted by:   /  2nd May, 2019