Goodbye Europe at the National Portrait Gallery

Goodbye Europe at the National Portrait Gallery

In the days the UK leaves the EU, we invite the people of London to join ‘Goodbye Europe’ a unique film screening created specifically for this historic moment in the capital.

‘Goodbye Europe’ is an anthology of new short films about the London lives of people from each of the 28 nations in the EU. It will show parts of the city that you may never have seen – profiling the rich and poor, the young and old, the integrated and the outsiders, from the West End all the way to the ends of the Tube lines. This will be a documentary experience like no other – a journey through the lives of European London, shot in the final months of the UK’s time in the EU.

Along with the films, you will see edits of footage from the 50s to today curated by the archivists from London’s Screen Archives. Following the screening is a short panel discussion with some of the featured Londoners and filmmakers.

Goodbye Europe is the 15th 1000 Londoners Movie Night. 1000 Londoners is produced by the proudly independent social enterprise Chocolate Films.


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