Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades

Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades

In the summer of Vote 100, 1000 Londoners return to cinema with their most successful season ever – ‘Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades’.

With ‘Century’ we celebrate women in London and what it is like to be a woman in the city, through the lives of 10 women, born across 10 different decades.

Trailing the 90th anniversary of the 1928 Equal Franchise Act, on 3 July 7pm at Deptford Cinema, you will see 10 film portraits about brave, pioneering, funny and unique women aged between 0-100.

Meet Dame Jocelyn Barrow, knighted for her work in race relations and Paralympic athlete Susie Rodgers, who won gold at Rio 2016. There is a Rabbi, a wild swimmer, a young mum evicted from her home, a bodybuilder and a groundbreaking vascular surgeon. Audiences will also get to watch rarely seen archive footage of women in London over the past century.

We are delighted to bring all of this to the unique Deptford Cinema, a not-for-profit community led space in multifaceted Lewisham. Following the screening is a panel discussion about Women and Ambition, with contributors from the films – and you can stay for a drink at the bar.

We look forward to taking you along and discovering what empowered women look like!


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