Kirsty in is and is Assistant Director & Actress.

Kirsty moved to London with hopes of becoming an actor in the West End. She landed a job in The London Bridge Experience, an historical interactive theatre experience. She has been working there for 4 years. She can perform the same show up to fifty times a day.

Film Maker:

Questions & Answers

  • What's your first memory of London? Having no food so ate dinner at Whitechapel fried chicken and being up all night with food poisoning.
  • What do you miss when you're away from London? My friends
  • What's your favourite neighbourhood? Greenwich
  • What's your favourite building? Houses of Parliament
  • What's your ideal day out in London? Going to the park and relaxing
  • What's your ideal night out in London? Going to watch anything on the west end
  • What's your most hated building? The shard
  • What's the best view in London? At the top of the hill in Greenwich park
  • What's your favourite open space? Battersea Park
  • What's your favourite bar, pub or restaurant? The Harry Potter shop in Kings cross station
  • What's the most interesting shop? The anchor pub on the Thames
  • What's your favourite place to hang out? Celebrating my 21st with my friends in a cheap bar near London Bridge.
  • What's been your most memorable night out in London? Relaxing with friends and not taking public transport
  • How would you like to spend your ideal day off in London? To see a West End show
  • Where would you take someone visiting from out of town? The Christmas eve rush to Euston Station
  • What's the worst journey you've had to make in London? The Christmas eve rush to Euston Station
  • What's your personal London landmark? Moving to London at 19 with no job and no friends and a tiny box room, and surviving!
  • Who's your favourite fictional Londoner? Sweeney Todd or Burt from Mary Poppins
  • What's your favourite London film, book or documentary? Mary Poppins
  • If you could travel to any time period in London, past or future, where would you go? Victorian Times
  • For you, who is the ultimate Londoner? Anyone that can call it home