KS in is and is a food Instagrammer.

KS eats at London restaurants every day, several times a day. As @ks_ate_here, he shares tasty pictures on Instagram and Twitter with nearly 60 000 followers. Food Instagrammers are a community, we learn in the film.

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Questions & Answers

  • What's your first memory of London? Flying over it heading towards Heathrow and overlooking sights like Tower Bridge, the Thames and Twickenham Stadium in absolute awe.
  • What do you miss when you're away from London? The people, the energy and funnily enough the tube.
  • What's your favourite neighbourhood? Shoreditch
  • What's your favourite building? St Paul's - that is my London.
  • What's your ideal day out in London? Starting the day at one of the various food markets in town and just spending walking through the streets from landmark to landmark. Central London is so accessible by foot.
  • What's your ideal night out in London? Head to any of the top restaurants or popups the city has to offer with a bunch of friends then see where the night takes us.
  • What's your most hated building? Haha none. Honestly, none. Every building makes London what it is.
  • What's the best view in London? Looking back to the city from either Primrose Hill or Greenwich.
  • What's your favourite open space? Regent's Park
  • What's your favourite bar, pub or restaurant? Hoppers. Love the place.
  • What's the most interesting shop? God's Own Junkyard
  • What's your favourite place to hang out? That's a tough question but I always love Broadway Market/London Fields on a Saturday. Great food and location.
  • What's been your most memorable night out in London? The night I proposed to my wife in the gardens of St. Paul's.
  • How would you like to spend your ideal day off in London? Honestly, London has so much to offer in terms of exhibitions, restaurant openings etc I never get time to do. I would just go round ticking these off.
  • Where would you take someone visiting from out of town? Camden and more specifically, the horse stable markets and the canal.
  • What's the worst journey you've had to make in London? Heathrow to home in a car in rush hour traffic.
  • What's your personal London landmark? St. Paul's
  • Who's your favourite fictional Londoner? Sherlock Holmes. Easy.
  • What's your favourite London film, book or documentary? 1000 Londoners obviously
  • If you could travel to any time period in London, past or future, where would you go? 2008ish when I first arrived and redo this all over again.
  • For you, who is the ultimate Londoner? That's an impossible question. I think we all make London what it is and contribute to it being the best city in the world.