Carol in is and is Manager of Crest.

Carol is the manager of Crest, a small independent charity in Waltham Forest which supports elderly people with disabilities. Carol was a foster parent for 47 years, after which she started working at the shop. Over just a few years Carol has built great relationships with both her customers and staff.

Film Maker:

Questions & Answers

  • What's your first memory of London? Sitting on a ledge looking out of the window in Enfield, watching the cars and people go by
  • What do you miss when you're away from London? Friends and family
  • What's your favourite neighbourhood? Walthamstow
  • What's your favourite building? The Shard
  • What's your ideal day out in London? Chelsea or Soho - looking in small shops and going for lunch
  • What's your ideal night out in London? Food!
  • What's your most hated building? Houses of Parliament
  • What's the best view in London? The London Eye or The Shard
  • What's your favourite open space? Epping has nice open spaces and good pubs too
  • What's the most interesting shop? Crest
  • What's your favourite place to hang out? The marshes, I like to walk
  • What's been your most memorable night out in London? Having dinner with friends at the top of the Post Office Tower, at the moving restaurant, when it first opened.
  • How would you like to spend your ideal day off in London? Relaxing!
  • Where would you take someone visiting from out of town? Depends how much they had seen before - the coast, or Chelsea
  • What's the worst journey you've had to make in London? Commuting when I used to work in London, on the tube
  • What's your personal London landmark? Walthamstow Market
  • What's your favourite London film, book or documentary? I like documentaries about places around London, especially older places
  • If you could travel to any time period in London, past or future, where would you go? The 60s definitely. Everything about it was great - the clothes, the music
  • For you, who is the ultimate Londoner? Ken Livingstone - it seemed like he was always there and really understood London