Submit a Film Proposal

As a large scale collaborative project, 1000 Londoners is open to proposal submissions from anyone who finds an opportunity to make a film about one of London’s fascinating potential subjects. If your proposal is deemed suitable for the project, we can offer you advice, backing and discounted kit hire for your shoot. The finished film will appear on our website and YouTube channel, and often reach an even wider audience at our regular cinema screenings.

Before submitting a proposal, please read the About page of the 1000 Londoners website to make sure that your idea fits within the project guidelines. In addition, keep in mind that all films must be a maximum of 3 minutes in length (including credits).

To enter, please complete the form below or email a description of what your film will be to Anything from a paragraph to a page is fine. Our main aim is to check that the film you’re planning to shoot isn’t going to be too similar to another one of the Londoners (and to see if we can help out in any way). Just let us know:

  • The name and age of the Londoner
  • Some information about the Londoner – who he/she is, the angle you’re planning to take, the locations etc.

We’ll then send you a full list of the terms and conditions, releases and other paperwork. Make sure that you read and understand these fully. We’ll also send you information on (very very heavily!!!) discounted equipment rental if you need kit for your shoot.

We look forward to receiving your films and hearing about your ideas! Good luck!!