1000 Londoners is a Chocolate Films Project.

It offers an insight into the lives of 1000 people who consider themselves to be Londoners, taking in all ages, religions, race, income, interests and opinions.


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Brexit or no Brexit? We celebr

Over 600 people joined us for the ‘Goodbye Europe’ Movie Nights at fantastic venues across London. In the days that […]

4 April 2019

Goodbye Europe, hello Londoner

We’ve had the first two screenings of our brand new series of Movie Nights ‘Goodbye Europe’, an anthology of new […]

19 March 2019

Goodbye Europe on the BBC Radi

“We are not gonna talk about Brexit, honest” is how Robert Elms introduced us today on his show. Mark Currie, 1000 […]

13 March 2019

The 15th 1000 Londoners Movie

In the days that the UK leaves the EU, ​we invite the people of London to join ‘Goodbye Europe’ – […]

11 February 2019

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