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Reece Lipman

Reece is one of the 1000 Londoners filmmakers as well as overseeing the social media aspects of the project. He is a freelance filmmaker who has been working with Chocolate Films since June 2013. Reece’s film work has been across short films, documentaries, animation, music videos and corporate films for a number of high profile clients. He is also a Londoner, born and raised and is excited to be part of such “an incredible project documenting my home city.”

Produced Videos of Londoners

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#282 Wale is

#237 Sri is

#223 Tom is

#220 Jane is

#198 Susie is

#145 Lesley is

#144 Naomi is

#135 Alex is

#126 Dutch is

#101 Nadia is

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Posts by Reece Lipman

The View from London – A Personal Account

15th Oct, 2013

The following blog was written by Reece Lipman, a member of the Chocolate Films Team. The View from London London […]

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Top London Views according to our Londoners

26th Apr, 2014

One of the 20 questions which we ask all of our Londoners during filming is what is their favourite view […]

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Top London-based Films, Books and Documentaries according to Londoners

29th Apr, 2014

It is important to stress here that these choices do not necessarily represent the views of 1000 Londoners or Chocolate […]

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The Top Documentaries About London (by the people making 1000)

30th Apr, 2014

As part of the 1000 Londoners project we are of course making 1000 short documentaries about the inhabitants of this […]

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Explore London’s Secret Locations

20th Jun, 2014

In a global city like London it can be hard to find a space where you can feel any kind […]

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Photographing the characters of London

24th Jun, 2014

This post was written by guest contributor, London street photographer, Nicola Albon. She takes us on a guided tour of […]

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1000 Londoners Showing Across the City!

29th Aug, 2014

Things are starting to get incredibly exciting for the 1000 Londoners project. Well, things have been exciting since we launched […]

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1000 Londoners: Phoenix Festival Films

12th Sep, 2014

A few months back 1000 Londoners took our pop up media studio to the Phoenix Festival in the Forster Memorial […]

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1000 Londoners in 2014: The beginning, the films and behind the scenes

23rd Dec, 2014

On the 24th April this year, after years of planning, we at Chocolate Films were incredibly excited to share with […]

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