Get Involved

There are countless of ways to get involved in the 1000 Londoners project – you can read about some of these options below.

Suggest a Londoner

Suggest a Londoner Do you know a Londoner who you would like to see on the site? First of all,  just make sure that their story isn't too similar to one of the existing Londoners, and please check that they'd be up for it! Then, let us know about them on the form below and we'll get back to you.

Sponsor a Londoner

Joel copy Is your business involved in a certain part of London life? Or is there someone who works for you who should be featured? If so then we are actively seeking sponsors for the project. This could be for just one film or a series of themed films over a series of weeks or months. If you'd like to talk to one of our project managers, just get in touch using the contact form below.

Setup A Workshop

Set up a wshop We would like as many Londoners as possible to be involved in the production of the films for the 1000 Londoners project. To enable this, we've developed a workshop programme where organisations of all kinds can invite professional filmmakers to teach them the basic skills required to create a Londoner profile. This could be anything from after-school clubs for schools to corporate team-building experiences. Current opportunities can be seen here. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch using the contact form, and one of our project managers will get right back to you.

Competitions / Open Submissions

After fantastic films produced on our open calls with the London Short Film festival and the London Design Festival, our next open call will launch in late January 2015 on the theme of 'Activists'.

Across the city, hundreds of Londoners are fighting for their chosen cause. This can be anything from equal rights for the LGBT community, organising industrial action for unions, lobbying for industry or smnall-scale action at a local level. In this election year we would like to find out who these people are and encourage debate and cohesion across groups.

This is why we are launching an open call for films about Londoners who campaign, debate, or fight for a cause. We want to find out who the people are behind the banners on the May Day marches, the people that stand and the front on picket lines during tube strikes or even the person who is delivering their first petition to Downing Street. Lots of people will someone who fits that bill and we would like to encourage you to tell their story!

Up to five submissions will be published as part of the 1000, and will be screened at the 1000 Londoners Year One screening and event in late April. To be the first to receive information, register your interest on the contact form below.

Suggest A Londoner

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