Peckham’s Londoners

If you say Peckham to most people in the UK, one particular TV character comes to mind. Cushty.

However, nobody at the Aylesham Shopping Centre replied to our question: “who is the ultimate Londoner?” with his name. Perhaps a new frame of reference is in order.

1000 Londoners is all about taking the temperature of the capital by looking at its people. Peckham wears its diversity on its sleeve and that’s why we went along to ask people how they would characterise not only their area but also the city. Black role models included: Mo Farah, Chuka Umunna, Ashley Walters, Rio Ferdinand, Idris Elba, Louis Smith, mum, dad, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Doreen Lawrence and Felix Dexter. Based on our day on the malls and markets.

So, with Del Boy consigned to the cultural back burner, Peckham seems to fizz with a new identity and shows off its civic pride more than ever before.


Posted by:   /  23rd Dec, 2013