Our Wandsworth – weekend 1!

Our Wandsworth: weekend 1

Our Wandsworth: weekend 1

Chocolate Films spent this weekend at Southside shopping centre in Wandsworth to kick things off for the Wandsworth Arts Festival as well as our own project 1000 Londoners.  We wanted the local residents of Wandsworth to get creative and share their ‘Londoner’ stories with us. We had three popup media studios set up right in the middle of the weekend shopping action. The first being a timelapse camera which we had taking photographs throughout the whole session, capturing thoughts about London from the public, by creating graphic cards and signposts in the midst of the hectic shopping experience. We had a video booth where individuals came to record their experiences of being a Londoner with us. Lastly we had a stopmotion animation table which proved to be hugely popular with the children of Southside! It was a chance for them to create their own personal ‘cog’, animated against our beautiful capitals skyline to keep the city moving.

Over the this weekend, we interacted with lots of people who consider themselves Londoners from a classically trained, global traveller clarinetist who has shared the stage with opera singer Andrea Bocelli as well as meeting local people who mentioned periods of their life that include death and homelessness. The stories that will be told throughout the whole 1000 Londoners project will be so wide and varied – and what we heard last weekend was only the start!

We’re so proud to be part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival once again, and really looking forward to meeting more Londoners at Southside shopping centre for the next two weekends to hear more stories of why people consider themselves Londoners and their thoughts on the city. You can find us in the same spot each week (just opposite Waitrose) on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th, and the final chance, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May, so come and get talking and interactive with us!

Mark made this Vine from Saturday’s session:

Check out photos from last weekends popup studio!


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