Our Wandsworth: 3rd and final weekend

This weekend saw the third and final set-up of the Our Wandsworth popup media studio for the Wandsworth Arts Festival & Fringe 2013 – the final push to meet all the interesting Londoners of the borough.

Once again, people were not shy in coming up and wanting to record their stories as to why they consider themselves a Londoner.   We met South African Ian, grew-up in SA but has European heritage, a Liverpudlian wife, his two children being born in New York and for the past 20 years, the whole family now residing in Wandsworth, and yes, he considers himself a Londoner. We’re hoping to develop his involvement at Our Wandsworth into his own digital portrait for the 1000 Londoners website, so keep an eye out for his full story when the website launches in early January 2014.

So thats it for Our Wandsworth and our time at the Wandsworth Arts festival. Thanks to all those who took part at Southside and to all our volunteers who helped the Chocolate Films team out each week. All your ‘all things London’ interviews, time-lapse footage and animations will be featured on this blog site, as well as the 1000 Londoners website launch.

Keep checking as to what we will be doing next, as we move closer to reaching our goal of 1000 Londoners!

Check out the photos from Saturday and Sunday:

Check out this Vine film that Ally made from Sunday’s session:


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