Newcomen Collett Fdn fund engagement project in Southwark!

Cuming Museum, Southwark, Youth Panel

Cuming Museum, Southwark, Youth Panel

We’ve been lucky enough to secure funding from the Newcomen Collett Foundation, for a 1000 Londoners community engagement project in Southwark.

We’re excited to be working with the Cuming Museum again, with this extra-curricular activity where we work with 12 young people from the museums youth panel, to research, write, film and edit a short video portrait about being a Londoner in Southwark.This will take place over three Saturdays in August and September.

We’re so excited that the engagement projects are spreading to other boroughs! Southwark, we can’t wait to see who you throw at us!

This short documentary will feature on the new 1000 Londoners site, due to launch in January 2014, so keep an eye out!



Posted by:   /  18th Jul, 2013