What makes Van Gogh Walk Unique?

As new residents of Stockwell we at Chocolate Films thought what better way to get acquainted with the area than to meet the neighbours, and that’s how we came across Rose. A resident of Stockwell for more than two decades, she’s seen this place grow into a vibrant area with a unique cultural history and great outdoor space, most notably Van Gogh walk.

Named after the world famous painter who lived in Stockwell, Van Gogh Walk has an array of olive trees and garden shrubs, alongside a basketball rim and some space to play football. It’s like the perfect garden for those residents who don’t have one.

Van Gogh Walk celebrated its first year in March with a day full of arts and crafts sessions, music from the Durand primary school band, face painting and a chance to see some of the animals from Vauxhall city farm. We also went down with our popup media studio asking residents and children what they thought makes Van Gogh Walk unique.


Posted by:   /  15th May, 2014