Your Favourite Day Out in London at Barbican Framed Film Festival

Last weekend 1000 Londoners stationed its Pop Up Media Studio at Barbican Framed Film Festival for two days of fun and filmmaking in the foyer of the Beech Street Cinema. We wanted to find out what young Londoners thought of the capital and asked participants about their favourite places in London. Over 60 families took part during the weekend and we discovered the most popular places were; local parks, the London Eye, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and London Zoo. Some of the answers we found were very imaginative. Flora’s favourite day out in London was “under the sea, because (she) likes fish and chips” and Sammy loved visiting Big Ben because it “looks like a tree and because it is always going ding dong!”

This was a unique pop-up media studio specially designed for children aged 3 – 14, with lots of great activities. Participants had the opportunity to  both draw their favourite place in London and create a timelapse video of their drawing. We then interviewed the kids about their drawings, whilst other children had the opportunity to try their hand operating the camera and calling the shots. Children of all ages were given the chance to press record, operate the boom microphone, monitor the sound and shout action with the clapperboard. For many it was the first time taking part in a film studio set up and an experience they will never forget.

These were the results…

IMG_7825 IMG_7854 IMG_7869 IMG_7871 IMG_7891 IMG_7894


Posted by:   /  1st Dec, 2014