1000 Londoners Open Submissions Launch


Last night 1000 Londoners handed the baton to London’s filmmakers. In an event hosted by the London Short Film Festival at Roxy Bar and Screen, we invited a diverse group of filmmakers to submit their own treatments for 1000 Londoners films.

Once their one-page ideas have been submitted to us by 31st January. We will approve their films for production which will have to be completed and handed over by April 30th. The best film will win a coveted spot in the slate of 10 launch films. This film will also be programmed into London Short Film Festival 2015. Runner up films may still be programmed later into the 1000 Londoners project. If you have your own idea for a person in London that you feel deserves their own short documentary, please submit your own treatment to us!

We also provided a free Chocolate Films training session on the Canon C100 camera, a piece of kit that is becoming a valuable bridge for documentary filmmakers between DSLR stills and video cameras.

Please download the competition guidelines here:

@Dropbox https://db.tt/zs5lVxBt

To submit a treatment or for more information please contact: laura@chocolatefilms.com.


Posted by:   /  17th Jan, 2014