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Mark Currie

Mark is one of the creative directors of 1000 Londoners and one of the co-founders of Chocolate Films. Twitter @markscurrie

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Posts by Mark Currie

1000 Londoners at Vue Cinemas from today!

9th May, 2014

When you think of Londoners gracing the big screen who comes to mind? Michael Caine? Rachel Weisz? Ray Winstone?  Well, from today, when you go to Vue Cinemas in Leicester Square and Piccadilly you’ll be just as likely to see Marawa, Griff or Sara. Films from 1000 Londoners can now be seen before big screen […]

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Daniel On London Live #wakeuplondon

9th May, 2014

Filmmaker Daniel Onyia was featured on London Live’s breakfast show this morning, talking about our the Londoners films being released at Vue Cinemas. Check him out here:  

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Ken Livingstone

13th Jun, 2014

Ken Livingstone was always on our Londoner wish-list. This is not for political reasons (we are hoping to get politicians from every party, and belief) it’s simply because a collection of films about 1000 Londoners in the early 21st century wouldn’t be complete without him. Few people have dedicated their lives to the city as […]

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3 films about our mothers

15th Mar, 2015

Of the seventy films so far on 1000 Londoners, three have been made by Londoners about their mothers: YVONNE Yvonne was created by Rachel Wang, one of the directors of Chocolate Films and creative director of 1000 Londoners. She has lived in South London since moving to England in the 60s, and had a successful […]

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Drivers In The 1980s – Photo Book Review

9th May, 2015

Many events took place across the city on election night, but possibly none quite as unlikely as the launch of a book of photographs of images of people driving cars in the 1980s. This was the latest edition from the boutique publisher Hoxton Mini Press, who specialise in books that document East London lives. Previous […]

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